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Welcome To My Academic Website

My research focuses on creativity. Specifically, I research on interventions and mechanisms that may enhance creative performance. My PhD thesis explored a hot debated topic in the fields of cognition, emotion, and creation – what role emotion plays on creativity. I have argued that the previous approach overlooked the effect of self-appraisal and hence, fails to describe the whole pictures of the relationship between emotion and creativity. Therefore, instead of examining the impact of positive and negative emotions alone, I proposed a new conceptual model to investigate the impact of self-appraisal in the emotion-creativity link. In three experiments, I found that both positive and negative emotions could improve creative performance. The facilitation effect, however, is subject to how individual interprets the task. For instance, negative emotion is only conducive to creative performance when individuals perceived the task as important.

My research interest also extends to positive psychology (e.g., happiness, subjective well-being), emotion, motivation, and social influences.

In this website, you can read an overview of my evolving research agenda and the academic and teaching works I have done.

Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiry about my works. My contact information can be found below. Collaboration is welcome.

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Racial Relatinonship and Well-Being

2015 Asian Association of Social Psychology’s 11th Biennial Convention

Date: 19-22 Aug 2014

Venue: waterfront hotel, Cebu city, Philippines